Worship Quest Ministries was started with the intent of helping worship leaders lead their congregations through thoughtful and meaningful responses to the Lord. Over the years, the Lord has opened up numerous doors to train worship leaders, both in the USA and internationally.

This Spring I have been invited to Dubai (March) and the Ukraine (May) to teach at worship conferences, seminaries, and churches.

On these trips I will be teaching on biblical foundations of worship, the spiritually formative aspects of worship, how to lead well in a congregational worship setting, and what it means to be a worshiper of the Most High God.

Will you consider partnering with me in this endeavor to train and mentor worship leaders around the world? Your partnership through prayer and/or financial support is valuable and necessary to fulfill God’s call of worship training.

The funds raised will help with:

> donations to host churches

> scholarships for conference attendees

> to help defer the costs of putting on the conferences

> travel costs

> lodging and food while in country

Most people helping to put together the conferences in these countries don't have much, yet they give sacrificially to make it a worthwhile event. Being able to help cover some of the cost relieves the pressure on them, as well as provides an opportunity for more people to attend and be equipped for ministry and service.

Thank you for your partnership. God bless you!

Donations are tax deductible