A Rose By Any Other Name

Read the article posted below (click on the article name).  The article begins on page 85 of the journal.  Read the article and write a response (comment on this post).  Your response should be no less than 300 words and must be posted by midnight, Thursday, March 20th.

Answer these questions in your response:

1) Briefly review the terms to label or describe worship in your church (either your home church or the church where you are currently serving).  What terms are most used?  Do the terms mainly serve to identify style?  Denominational/historical background?  Content?  Structure?

2) With which set of terms used in the essay would your congregation most identify: contemporary/traditional/liturgical/blended labels, the Easum/Bandy labels, the Basden label, or the White label?

3) Review closely the last section of the essay that addresses distinguishing worship by story, by sacramental principle, and by liturgical polity.  How would you classify your church based on these categories?


A Rose By Any Other Name

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