Our Bright Home Above

This year for Father's Day, my wife bought me two books.  One is an autobiography written by my favorite gospel song writer, Fanny Crosby, entitled, "Fanny Crosby's Life Story".  The other is a book edited by worship educator Donald Hustad.  It is a collection of 120 unpublished manuscripts by Fanny Crosby. 

Though Fanny Crosby lived over 100 years ago, we sing many of her songs in our churches today.  Songs like "To God Be the Glory," "Blessed Assurance," and "Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior"  Yet with all of the songs that we do sing by Crosby, we only sing a fraction of the songs she wrote.  You see, Fanny Crosby wrote over 8,000 songs in her lifetime.

Here is Fanny Crosby's first published song, circa 1864, entitled "Our Bright Home Above": 


We are going, we are going
To a home beyond the skies
Where the fileds are robed in beauty
And the sunlight never dies
Where the fount of joy is flowing
In the valley green and fair
We shall dwell in love together
There will be no parting there

We are going, we are going
And the music we have heard
Like the echo of the woodland
Or the carol of a bird
With the rosy light of morning
On the calm and fragrant air
Still it murmurs, softly murmurs
There will be no parting there

We are going, we are going
Where the day of life is o'er
To that pure and happy region
Where our friends have gone before
They are singing with the angels
In that land so bright and fair
We shall dwell with them forever
There will be no parting there